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Posted on December 6, 2007 |
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Dear friends, I am back with my picks. You will read about the posts that I kept reading for last three days. Here, I would like to put it before you that my picks are based on my personal perceptions and it leave this selection rather subjective in nature but I would add that whenever I use to pick some post, I tend to keep quality and diversity in consideration. One more thing before going ahead, I need your feedback because it will help improve this feature on my blog. I am looking forward to hear from you on it. So, without wasting any more of your precious time, here we go:

Aasem Bakshi thinks that learning means much more than just garnering facts about a subject. It is basically an identification of the particular way how the thought behind that subject proceeded; sometimes through a deliberate effort to relive and evaluate that thought process and at times, through an awareness of being an active or dormant part of that process. I happened to read his point of view in his very fine post at Pak Tea House. I liked the ideas portrayed in this post, I hope you will at least have some flavor to what people around are thinking about this crucial issue. Have a look at this post click here

Omer Alvie blogs at the olive ream, I simply loved this post by him and you will only know when you will read it. I would say the post is simply splendid! I haven’t read something of this sort for so long, in fact I kept laughing for quite sometime. Give it a try Click here

I can’t find the words for this creative fellow. It is Omer’s second post that I happened to see in a row and wrote to him in my comments on this post, “Yet another very good post from your creative self, why you keep impressing me with your posts one after other? I simply loved the way you integrated the lyrics and the pictures. Man you are master of your trade!!!!” I wish you could read and see what I read and saw. Want it dive in Click here

The recently launched a new product. It’s Askville that provides answer on the similar pattern as Yahoo Answers. The industry commentator Om Malik writes about this service. This post provides the first hand knowledge about the program. You can find the post here

Mike at doshdosh defines the push and pull marketing in this post. I hope readers will gain very fine ideas to market their blogs, websites and any other product. Click here to read about it.

As always, Shirazi is there to offer us posts carrying unique and diverse subjects. This time he is sharing something about the migratory birds coming to Pakistan during winter season. I liked the post and I hope it will offer you the content that is different and appealing. Click here

Umar Siddiqi explores winter in Karachi in this short post. I found my feelings voiced in his content. Have a look at it here

As blogs are increasing day by day, the competition to find some place for your blog is really getting tough. For that matter different strategies are applied and one such strategy is link baiting. I found this post by Stuntdubl SEO and felt like sharing with you. To me it is worth trying, I don’t know about you. Have a nice time experimenting. Click here

With this, I will end my post since you are already on the verge of clicking away. I will be back with more interesting picks on Monday next week so stay tuned with me. There is a lot more coming your way since you deserve the best.

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  1. Umar on December 7th, 2007 11:42 am

    Thanks for the mention. I hope my blog will keep interesting you.

  2. Shirazi on December 7th, 2007 10:50 pm

    Thanks for the mention at this nice round up.

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